E-governmental services, e-administration training

Franchise training scheme in 100 places in the country

The John von Neumann Computer Society (NJSZT) being aware of its professional responsibility towards the civil society launched a nationwide movement called Digital Equal Opportunities. The main objective of the initiative is that in very short time each and every member of the society become full member of the information society: to provide the opportunity and the knowledge to everyone to be able to use computer and the world wide web. After establishing the infrastructural background the next step is that the knowledge required to use PC should be disseminated and a real demand should be evolved in order to make every day administration easier and less complicated with e-governmental and e-administrational services. To achieve this goal it is unavoidable that people recognize the opportunities they have and be interested in e-services in different fields of their life. This can be realized only if both the e-customers and the governmental and state officials get prepared for the new challenge of the information society. The e-administration training (NJSZT together with the Computer and Automation Research Institute, Hungarian Academy of Sciences prepared a multimedia learning kit printed manual included) is strongly recommended to potential e-customers and governmental and state officials.  The training is focusing on practical examples providing systematized insight in the actual e-governmental and other public administration services.

The general introduction of the training (and both the printed and e-learning kit) contains practical information necessary for using e-services.

Priority is given to the governmental sites: the introduction of their services, the operation of the customer portal, how to buy air tickets, the sites of the local municipalities, how to report a pothole to the local government, how to apply for digital signature and last but not least special section is dedicated to cultural contents. 

The training program - developed by NJSZT and accredited by the Accrediting Body of the Adult Education - for the sake of Digital Equal Opportunities is sold once on cost price to training centers interested in the program. These days in Hungary 100 training centers offer e-administration training, enrolling is continuing.