IT Biztonság letölthető tankönyv

General information

In order to register for ECDL testing, each Candidate must obtain an ECDL Skills Card from an approved Test Centre. The Skills Card is the document which records the individual's registration, and which is updated by the Test Centre as Candidates pass the exam in each ECDL Module. Together with the issuance of the Skills Card the Candidate signs an ECDL Registration Form (printable from the ECDL administrative system) where he/she consents to include his/her data in the central ECDL database.

After registration ECDL Candidates can register with any authorised ECDL Test Centre in order to take the exams.

Candidates can use any software of the accredited softwares utilised by the Test Centre.

Exams of different modules can be organised simultaneously in one room, however, the start time and end time must not differ: exams of all modules must start and end at the same time.

A candidate has 45 minutes and 60 minutes for Advanced modules to complete each ECDL exam. The modules can be taken all at once (in this case Candidate must have a break of at least 20 minutes between the exams), or individually, and in any order.  

Skills Card must be presented at each exam.

Once all modules have been successfully completed and the Skills Card is complete, the Test Centre returns the Skills Card to the ECDL Office of the John von Neumann Computer Society (NJSZT) within three days who will then issue the ECDL Certificate to the Candidate.  

The ECDL Certificate will be mailed to the address of the Candidate indicated at the time of registration.   

Examination procedures

Before a Test

Each Candidate must have applied to sit the Test.

A list of the Candidates registered for the Test should be prepared and printed by the Test Centre.

Each Candidate must present a valid Skills Card to the Tester who must check that not more than three years has elapsed since the Candidate first passed a Test Module.

Each Candidate’s identity must be checked by the Tester. Identification can be a valid Passport or Driving Licence, or any other officially recognised form of identification. Candidates under 14 years of age can prove their identity by presenting a valid student card. The Tester should also ask Candidates to sign the Candidate list.

If the candidate does not appear for the exam, a new date should be provided. In this case the Test Centre decides about the payment of the examination fee.

In case at least 4 people register for an exam the Test Centre is obliged to organize the exam.
The Tester should explain the Test Rules and Procedures to Candidates before the Test commences then gives the test tasks.

The language of ECDL Tests in Hungary is Hungarian or in special cases (if the possibility is provided by the Test Centre) it can be other foreign language, especially English.

If the Test is in Hungarian language, exercises must be chosen from the ECDL Test book available in bookshops, according to the instructions contained in the Test Book.

Where a previously unsuccessful Candidate retakes a Test, procedures must ensure that the Candidate receives a different Test than the one originally taken for that Test Module.

Exercises of Tests in English language must be chosen from the European Manual Question Test Base (MQTB).


During a Test

The Tester must be present for the entire duration of a Test and must ensure that the Candidates fully observe and comply with the Test Rules and Procedures.

Test Centres must provide to the Candidates sheets and discs bearing the seal of the centre.

Only these can be used during the examination.  

Candidates are forbidden to talk to each other and observe each other’s work.

Candidates can only address the Tester for clarification of instructions or if technical problems arise.

No Candidate can leave the Test room unattended during the Test. Candidates are allowed to leave the test room during the examination only if it is absolutely necessary.

No books or other media can be used during the Test.

All Candidates must switch off mobile phones.

The time available is a maximum of 45 minutes for a module and 60 for Advanced modules. Candidates will receive a time reminder five minutes before the Test ends. The time of presentation of exercises, and reasons not attributable to the Candidate can not be included in the time of the examination.

If the candidate has completed the task(s) to develop, or the available time has expired, the Candidate must hand over all his worksheets and / or the diskette(s) containing the solutions of the exercises.

For all Tests, Candidates must be informed that, in the event of an infringement of the any of above rules by a Candidate, the Test will be immediately terminated for the offending Candidate. In this case the Tester is obliged to notify the ECDL Office of NJSZT within 48 hours.  The ECDL Accreditation Committee will review the case and takes a decision which is communicated to the Test Centre and the Candidate in writing.


After the conclusion of the Test

All documentation and other Test Materials must be collected by the Tester from the Candidate once the Test if finished.

Papers submitted after the expiry time are invalid. In this case the Test should be repeated.

The Tester must ensure that all completed Tests are saved for marking and then cleared from PCs.

No documentation or other Test Material can be taken by Candidates from the Test Room.

The results of each Test should be communicated to the candidate as soon as possible after the completion of the Test. Specific feedback on the results must include the score and whether the Candidate has passed or failed.

ECDL certification is available to all candidates and does not exclude candidates with a disability. All testing must be done under examination conditions; furthermore, these examination procedures should provide all students, including those with a disability, with an equal opportunity to demonstrate the achievement of learning outcomes.  


The Candidates’ performance evaluation

The Approved Test Centre should, as soon as possible, inform Candidates of their results and, for successful candidates, should stamp and sign or mark their Skills Cards.

Specific feedback on the results must include the score and whether the candidate has passed or failed.

Failed exams are not shown on the Skills Card.


Those who wish to have the Skills Card and the Certificate also in the original English language format, may apply for it at ECDL Hungary.