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ICLP 2012 - 28th International Conference on Logic Programming

Budapest, Hungary, September 4-8, 2012

Conference Venue

The Conference will located in Tulip Inn Budapest Millennium. Budapest is in the center of Hungary, in the heart of Central Europe. Hungary is member of the European Union and belongs to the Schengen area.

Conference Description

Since the first conference held in Marseille in 1982, ICLP has been the premier international conference for presenting research in logic programming. Contributions (papers and posters) are sought in all areas of logic programming including but not restricted to:

  • Theory: Semantic Foundations, Formalisms, Non- monotonic Reasoning, Knowledge Representation.
  • Implementation: Compilation, Memory Management, Virtual Machines, Parallelism.
  • Environments: Program Analysis, Transformation, Validation, Verification, Debugging, Profiling, Testing.
  • Language Issues: Concurrency, Objects, Coordination, Mobility, Higher Order, Types, Modes, Assertions, Programming Techniques.
  • Related Paradigms: Abductive Logic Programming, Inductive Logic Programming, Constraint Logic Programming, Answer-Set Programming.
  • Applications: Databases, Data Integration and Federation, Software Engineering, Natural Language Processing, Web and Semantic Web, Agents, Artificial Intelligence, Bioinformatics.

In addition to the presentations of accepted papers, the technical program will include invited talks, the doctoral consortium, and several workshops.

The Conference Program (preliminary version)

More information: